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We began Beyond the Myst as an illuminated novel (with artwork by Ashley Kuppersmith). When we completed the first two installments, we released them as a single volume. Work on the series continues as we plan to adapt the first novels, Beyond the Myst and The Eclipse of Britain's Son into film.


Beyond the Myst goes past the end of Arthur's reign, entering into the magical realm of Avalon, into the Celtic Otherworld, even venturing into the Underworld of Gwyn ap Nudd to continue the epic tale of the Once and Future King. 


The Myst represents a huge effort in love, research, and cooperation, and, because of its nature, is an experimental novel. It will soon, with your help, be an experimental web series, adapted from the written word into short webisodes to help spread the story of King Arthur to new audiences, while making use of local talent to produce the film segments, covering everything from screen adaptation, camera operation, animation, costuming and makeup, lighting techs, weapons training and everything in between.

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