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Goddess of the Land

These seasoned campaigners, trained by Scathach herself have fought in many battles and have faced serious foes, but none so serious as the threat the currently face. The Black Knight have they the courage to find a way to defeat him or will they too succumb to the bite of his blade.    


 Portrayed by : Katie Carwie

 There is an ancient legend that states a true King is chosen by the Land itself. In order to have true Sovereignty the would be king must set aside his own wants and desires and be devoted to the Land itself.  The Old Ones test Arthur's worthiness by making him choose between Duty and the woman he loves. The Goddess of the Land itself appears as a beautiful woman and cries tears of pure heartbreak when Arthur does not recognize her. Then he must choose between the Land and an image of his own love. Who does he choose?  

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