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Lucan, Breares and Alston

Alston portrayed by :

One of Scathach Peny Cat's seasoned soldiers, this warrior has his share of battle scars. Even if death should claim him, he will fight to the last breath defending family and country.    

Breares pronounced: (Bree-air- es) portrayed by: 

  Scathach Peny Cat's most trust man. He and Scathach have seen enemies most only encounter within their nightmares. Though  he keeps his own council most times when there is a wrong that must be righted he never fails to follow through. He is not a man to be trifled with. Having seen his fair share of Otherworldy beasts he is prepared or so he thinks for what is to come. Can his training in Scathach's Magical fortress on the Isle of Skye save him and his brothers in arms, or will they be swept away in the Black Tide and fail the Warrior's Quest, to defend hearth and home from evil.    

                   Lucan  portrayed by:

                   Breares portrayed by:

These three brothers in arms have been through many hard battles. Their lives have been that of fighting men. Trained by Scathach Peny Cat and serving under her command they have fought side by side to protect Avalon. Is the coming threat too great for them to withstand? Only time will tell.       

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