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  Equine Actors

 "Magic" owned by Renee Hudson Portraying: Morgana's Mount and the Lead Elven Mount
"Chance" owned by Katie Carwie Portraying: Elven mount

He is a 12 year old, 15.1 hand Spotted Saddle Horse. His soon to be registered name is Take a Chance.

  In Memorium  June 2020

  In Memorium  September 1st 2019

My Little Magic is a 2006 Bureau of Land Management Mustang mare captured in the Piceance-East Douglas herd management area in Colorado on 28 September 2006. She was adopted at the age of four by a woman in Mobile, AL and then sold to another family, where she was not a good fit. On 11 November 2012, she was purchased by her current owner, Renee Hudson. Magic wasn't exactly the horse Renee was looking for- in fact she was the complete opposite of what Renee thought she wanted! But there was something special about the little Mustang and Renee felt a strong connection to her. 

Magic's training was rough and at first there were quite a few ups and downs. She was impossible to catch, neatly evading capture for hours at a time. She could be fussy under saddle and would rear as an evasion when she got frustrated or confused by what she was being asked for. Renee is a self-proclaimed timid rider and will be the first to tell you she is by no means a horse trainer, so she decided to work with Magic in baby steps from the ground up. With the guidance of some truly phenomenal horsewomen at the Amazing Gaits Equestrian Center in Theodore, AL, Renee and Magic blossomed into an awesome team. Magic is truly a versatile horse, doing well in dressage, jumping, trails and obstacles, parades, police training, and formation riding. Renee's current passion with Magic is bridleless, bareback riding including on trails and over jumps. They have begun liberty training on the ground as well. 


Magic and Renee have participated in the AHC Horse Fair in Montgomery, AL to showcase the Mustang breed, they have ridden in multiple Mardi Gras and Christmas parades, and Magic has been used as a lesson horse and camp horse for small children. Magic is excited to make her screen debut in the upcoming film Beyond the Myst. She is a wonderful breed ambassador for Mustangs. There are currently over 43,000 Mustangs and Burros being held in BLM facilities, waiting to be adopted into loving homes. The brand on the left side of Magic's neck indicates her birth year and where she was rounded up. All BLM Mustangs and Burros have such a brand. 


Some of Magic's hobbies include rolling in the dirt immediately after having a bath, liberating herself from her pasture to visit other horses in the neighborhood when things get dull, and paling around with her friend Ruby the goat. Magic is a good-natured horse but reminds Renee frequently of her royal heritage. "Do not forget, Human, that empires rose and fell from the backs of my ancestors. I will accept your tribute of cookies now." 

" Rembrandt " owned by: Phyllis Demetropoulos portraying: The Night Terror aka The Black Knight's Mount.

Rembrandt was imported directly from Holland where the Frisian Breed originates in 2005. He has been trained to drive and is classically trained in Dressage. He has also received parade training.    

Elbie a twenty one year old appendix quarter horse, training in Hunter/ jumper and dressage Owned and ridden by :  Nicki Askew

  Julie owned and ridden by Kathy Marshcat_Stevens  this girl is 21 years old and has done it all. According to Kathy this little girl is her " Firehorse". Julie is a registered  quarter horse and is portraying and Elf mount


  Ralphie is a Off the Track Thoroughbred trained in eventing, polo cross and dressage. The gentleman is Kathy's " Heart Horse".   Ralphie is now portraying the Night terror and the mount of Morgana's messenger.

Owned and ridden by : Kathy Marshcat Stevens

Rock and cody.jpg

  Rock owned by Cody Marshcat -Stevens has been trained in all disciplines from western, polo cross, eventing, dressage, and natural horsemanship. This big guy standing at 16.3 hands has a heart twice that size. Rock is ridden by : Ashley Kuppersmith as an Elf mount.     

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