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  Elf Captain :Cirinde Miriel  portrayed by: Renee Hudson riding her mount Magic. Renee is hunter/jumper, police rider and parade trained and has been riding at least fifteen years. 
renee and magic.jpg

Second Captain : Amron Celebrindal,. Katie Carwie has been riding for over ten years is trained both western and hunter/ jumper . Riding Chance

First Elven Lieutenant:Amras Telr'unya: portrayed by :Kathy Marshcat Stevens. Kathy is a second generation lifelong  equestrian, horse trainer and professional rider accomplished in jumper, hunter and all other forms.  Riding her mount :   Ralph
Second mount : Julie
Julie and kathy.jpg

Second Lieutenant : Luthian Fefalas portrayed

by: Ashley Kuppersmith riding Rock . Ashley is a life long equestrian trained in hunter/ jumper. Ashley has been riding twenty plus years. Mounted on Rock

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