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Shari Prestwood

Shari has always been deeply invested in the dramatic arts. She founded Commedia del Arte over twenty years ago.  She writes or adapts all of the troupe’s scripts, often tailoring them to the troupe’s specific members or abilities.  Shari leads an acting class and teaches Spanish, dancing, and fencing.  As a talented fencer, she choreographs fight scenes for local stage productions, and she looks forward to bringing her unique talents to flim.

Ashley Kuppersmith

Ashley views Beyond the Myst as an opportunity to explore her multitude of creative pursuits, including her work as a poet, artist, and sculptor. She is always  striving to have new materials to work with.  Ashley has provided the backdrops, masks, and other props for local dramatic productions for at least ten of her fifteen years. Additionally, she is a dedicated equestrian and skilled swords woman.

Nicole Schlaudecker

From early on, Nicole was interested in fantasy worlds and creating her own stories to share with others. She has been a member of Commedia del Arte Traveling Players for 10 years, and is looking forward to the next ten with this adopted family. She earned an M.A. in Creative Writing from the University of South Alabama. She has written two full novels and is currently seeking representation for the Arthurian historical novel, Mayhawk: Rising, and King Soul, a modern literary fantasy novel.

 Daniel Alejandro Salazar De Ortiz

I'm a music composer and studied music  at Texas A & M Kingsville and Texas A&M International University where I began writing films scores for short student films. Nothing long mainly between 1-10 minutes long and I have written for  about 13 films thus far. They have mainly been dark films and I was starting to get known as the go to composer for dark films. So I slowly faded away from film scoring into more contemporary music, but in early January  I was presented the opportunity to write for this movie "Beyond The Myst" because it will be my second full orchestral score and it presents me a great challenge in that it is a full production and having to write for numerous characters and build a world with the music and that it changes alot of moods so  I will be able to get out of my comfort zone of just pure dark . This will allow me to create something a with a bit of dark, light, magical ,and majestic. I am really looking forward to this.

South Texas Music Productions-

            Alaura Morris

             Mia  Elissa Gonzalez

Mia Gonzalez is from McAllen,Texas, currently studying  music performance on saxophone at Texas A&M International University.An experienced composer in mariachi music, she is the Music Arranger and Orchestrator at  South Texas Music Productions, and is the music arranger for the Beyond the Myst Film   

  Associates Degree in Animation,  Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Visual effects. Certificate in Animation, interactive technology , Video Graphics and Visual Effects. Softimage,Vue,Nuke,ZBrush,PFTrack,Motion Builder.

 Hobbies Include: Photography, Cake Decorating, Martial Arts and Cooking

Brew Productions 3D and CGI Video




Jennifer Litke

 Professional photographer of Elderberry Images.

Master Armorer: Bareena Kalf of Tradewinds of the Levant creator of  the

Black Knight's Armor among others

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