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Morgana le Fey

morgana 2.jpg

Portrayed by: Renee Hudson


   Half sister to King Arthur and mother of Modred Arthur's son.  Feeling that her rightful place on the throne of England was usurped by Arthur. She dedicated her entire life to revenge and the study of the dark arts. There is nothing she will not do for power and regaining what she believes is her due. She will stop at nothing to be ruler of not only Britain but all of the realms including Avalon. It was through the darkest sorcery that she tricked Arthur. When Modred and Arthur died together at the battle of Camlann she saw her opportunity. Using the deepest of secrets she manages to raise Modred partially from the dead, creating a revenant  spirit, not human and not truly alive. She makes use of Modred and the Black Knight she created to wreak  havoc on all those who will not bend their knee in submission. Now feeling herself unstoppable she declares herself to be Empress of the British Isles. Soon she will destroy Avalon and all that is good in the world. Can the Lady of the Lake withstand her onslaught? 

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