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Elf King Sulwyn  portrayed by : Winter Skyes

  The Elf King remains cold and aloof.  He cares not for the troubles of the human world. He cares not for the ideals of Avalon.  He governs his people in a logical and efficient manner. Will he give aide to a young human king or will he break his word and fail to provide support. The ways of the Elves are strange and the whims are their own.

Elf Queen  Brynawyn portrayed by: Brianna Brown 

 The Queen of the Elves may change her mind like the wind. She may speak in your favor one moment and in the next banish you from sight. Like her king she too is aloof. Yet darkness has a way of reaching all and she is not immune. The lifeless form of her sister  brought forward bearing the magical marks of a human sorceress, might  change her mind in  Arthur's favor.  

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