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Gwen ap Nuth

Portrayed by : Victor Saldivar

  Gwen ap Nuth Lord of the Underworld. This character is based on the Welsh legends  where he rules over the Welsh Otherworld or Underworld. The Otherworld is often described as beautiful, filled with beautiful creatures and home of great warriors. He too is associated with the Wild hunt.

  In our tale the young fey prince of the Otherworld is about to take his father's place and therefor must marry. Originally he proposed a union between himself and the Lady of the Lake. When she spurned his advance this master game player makes a dangerous alliance with Morgana le Fey. It is through Gwen ap Nuth's jealousy of Arthur Pendragon that he agrees to give Moragana the knowledge she needs to become all powerful. Perhaps this could cost Gwen more than he first thought as now even the Underworld is threatened. Can he out play his own careless moves and win his own game? 

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